Welcome to Reception with Mrs Church, Mrs Kelly and Mrs  Manzie!

Autumn Term

This term we will be looking at differences in our context.

'Mirror Mirror on the Wall

We are Unique One and All'

We will be thinking about differences in appearance, homes, families, languages pets, foods  and cultures.

Pupils will be encouraged to bring in a box containing family photos ,pictures of or small favourite toys, photos or drawings of their pets and any other things that they particulary like and can talk about that are special to them. These can be placed inside a small cardboard box such as a shoebox and decorated as they wish.


Our value this term is 'Thankfulness'. We will be thinking about our talents and the things that we should be grateful for at harvest time.

1 Chronicles 29:13

Our God, we thank You and praise your glorious name

Creative Habit of Mind

Our Creative Habit of Mind character is Persistent Pete.


PE will take place on a Friday morning and pupils can come to school in their PE kit. They can remain in their kit for the day. They will also have another session on a Wednesday which will be Dance. They can wear uniform for this and just remove sweatshirts for now .

Reading Books


 Reading books will be sent home when the pupils have settled in. Each child will bring a reading book home to be shared with you. They will also have a small yellow book for you to put comments in. It will help us if you could please talk to your child about the book, indicate to us if they are able to identify the letters that they will be learning each week and are able to pick out any high frequency words they might know.

Books can be returned each Monday and we will change them for you. They can be kept at home or brought in on a daily basis in book bags. Please make sure the bag has a clear label with the name of your child on it.


We will also be encouraging you to make use of Active Learn Bug Club. This is a reading scheme that we have online. Pupils can access a variety of books which will read to them before they attempt to read themselves. They can also play games to help reinforce letter and sound recognition.


We will be looking at number recognition within 10 initially. We will be counting amounts of things and ordering numbers within 10. Pupils will begin to measure by direct comparison, identify simple 2d and 3d shapes and collect data about themselves and their peers and represent in different ways.

There will also be a variety of Maths activities available on Active Learn for your child to play to help with number recognition and counting.


 Welsh language will be an integral part of our everyday routine. As we talk about colours, shapes and numbers the children will be hearing Welsh vocabulary alongside English. We will begin to talk about family members and feelings and start to use simple greetings for different parts of the day.

Online Learning

There are many different games and activities that will support your child with their learning and that they will become familiar with in school.  Letter sound recognition  Building sounds in cvc words in different positions  Patterns with shapes  Number activities  Counting and reading numbers  Ordering numbers