Motto, Vision & Aims

Our Motto

Learning with God to be the best we can be.  Dysgu gyda Duw i wneud ein gorau.

Our Vision

A school family that lives according to the teachings of Christ; providing care, encouragement and ensuring all reach their potential.

Each member of the school community is valued and loved as a unique child of God. We, therefore, aim to:

  • provide an education of the highest standard and secure the pursuit of excellence,
  • develop a passion for lifelong learning and a desire to learn from mistakes,
  • guarantee equality of opportunity for all and respect for individuality and diversity,
  • build positive partnerships with families, governors, the church and the wider community,
  • promote consistently high standards of behaviour and self-respect,
  • develop responsible and highly motivated global citizens who have the skills to cope with a changing world and the ability to make healthy choices,
  • recognise achievements and celebrate success at every opportunity.