Class 2

Welcome to Class 2 with Mrs Brana

Summer Term

Our value this half term is ‘Respect’.

Peter 2:17 says...

  “Respect everyone, and love the family of believers. Fear God, and respect the king.”
This verse emphasizes the importance of respecting everyone. 
 This term our Creative Habit of Mind character is Imaginative Izzy 
Some ideas to help with homework - the trick with this age group is 'little and often' so here are a few ideas if you have a few minutes...
This half term our inquiry question is Why do we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle? We will be finding out about the importance of reducing our waste, reusing items to save them going to landfill sites and recycling where possible. We will be answering questions about which materials can be recycled and learning about how they are turned into new products. What happens to an old plastic bottle after it is collected? Where does it go? How long do materials take to rot away in a landfill site? We will bury some items to find out.
Our maths lessons will involve telling the time to the nearest quarter of an hour then to the nearest five minutes. We will be multiplying and dividing and looking at bar charts and pictograms. We will also be carrying out a survey to see which class is the GREENEST and showing our data in a bar chart.
How can you help at home?
*PLEASE can you donate any unwanted t-shirts for our rug for our reading corner! Thank you*
There are many ways in which you can help your child at home with this topic. As well as reading and helping your child to learn their spelling words each week you could involve them in sorting the recycling at home. Talk to them about why food waste should be collected in a food caddy ready for kerbside collection as class 2 pupils will be learning about how it is used to make electricity in the Viridor centre in Cardiff.
Perhaps you could arrange a visit to see it in action or pop into to the recycling centre at Lamby Way to take some unused items to 'The Cabin' or recycle some household items. 
A great way to help your child is by learning to tell the time. It is a very useful life skill and it can be tricky to do. There are games on our Google Classroom that you can play with your child. When you go on a journey look at how long it takes. When cooking at home, use the clock on the oven or microwave and ask your child to tell you when it is time to take it out! Here is a game we like to play in class 2 to help us to tell the time...
As part of our literacy lessons these are some of the many books we will be reading this half term...

This half term class 2 pupils will be finding out what life was like in the past. How have things changed? is our inquiry question.  What is in the living room now (the present)? and What was in the living room then(the past)? We will be creating our own mini-museum and going on a trip to St Fagans to see the Rhyd-y-Car cottages through time. We will also pop in to see the house of the Future and we will be using this to inspire our own house of the future designs. We will explore Welsh Myths and Legends and find out more about our flag as part of our work on Cynefin. We will be creating posters on J2E5 via Hwb to show why we are proud to be Welsh or proud to be living in Wales. Our maths lessons will involve using different types of measurements such as weight, length and capacity. How long are dragons? Could we fit one in the MUGA? We shall let you know!

How can you help at home?

There are plenty of ways you can help at home with this topic. As well as reading and helping your child to learn their spelling words each week, you could make Welsh cakes or Bara Brith and practise your measuring skills. You could visit Welsh castles and Welsh Landmarks. You could even make a follow up trip to St Fagans, especially the Rhyd Y Car cottages, and your child can show you what they have learnt about How things have changed? You can also help by providing items from the past that you have at home. It may involve a trip to the attic to dig out your old walkman! More details on our class seesaw page.

One of the books we will be reading this half term...

P.E. is on Mondays and you can wear your kit to school. 

Spelling tests are on Fridays for year one and year two pupils, all of our spelling lists are on our Google Classroom page: Class 2 2023-2024. They are also on our seesaw page. Click HERE for our Google Classroom page. Each pupil has their log-in details on the front of their reading record book and on a laminated bookmark.

Reading takes place every day with group reading sessions at the start of the day and children read as individuals to an adult. Your child's progress in reading should continue to be developed at home though shared reading experiences with their book in their book bag and also online with BUG CLUB. Please can parents/ grandparents/ even older siblings write in the reading record books when they have listened to their child read. Bug club login details are on the inside cover of their reading record book. 


Exploring the chicks from Living Eggs


We LOVE reading in class 2!

Healthy Living Workshop

Our Performance of Understanding with parents

Police! Camera! Action!

Police! Camera! Action!


Testing Our Rafts - Will they float? Can they hold two dinosaurs?

Raft testing

will it float? can it hold two dinosaurs?


Online Learning 

Login to Active Learn at home to read books on Bug Club and to play maths games on Abacus Maths.  

Every child has been given their personal login details on a BUG CLUB bookmarker with their HWB log-in details on the reverse.  They are also in your child's reading record book.

We also have Doodle Maths and a letter and a small log-in card has been given out to every pupil. 

On Hwb you can...

  • access your Google Classroom
  • use online Microsoft software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc)
  • use J2e 
  • and much, much more.


Dinosaur Eggs Y1 Play this game to learn to read high frequency words

Dinosaur Eggs Y2 Play this game to improve your reading


 Every Friday your child will bring home a list of words to learn to read and then spell and there is a test on these words the following Friday. The lists are also on our Google Classroom page and on Seesaw. There is a list of ideas each week of fun ways in which to learn the lists. Don't forget to practice each week. Guud speelin is vere inportunt!

Useful Links

Class 2 pupils understand that to be healthy you need to get a good night's sleep. Here is a short video to help explain the importance of sleep to your child/ children: 

Welsh Government guide for parents

Here is a link to the Welsh Government website where you can download sample tests:



Our Class 2 page on Google Classroom has many links to games for all areas of the curriculum.  

IXl maths has free units you can trial for a month: 

Websites with fun games and activities

I have not played every game on these websites so please let me know if a site is particularly useful or not so useful.

Also if you find other useful websites please let me know and I will add them to the list on the school webpage.